Featuring hand stitch loop with adjustable slingback
Heel Type-Block Heel
Heel Height-55 mm
Leather Type-Cashmere & Blanco
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Introducing ISADORA, a sandal of sophisticated elegance. Crafted of premium leather with a single piece cutout upper and adjustable slingback, this design is at the peak of fashion and comfort. Slip into the 55mm block heel and enjoy the luxurious feel of hand-stitched loop balancing on your foot. ISADORA is a modern classic.




Once EOS shoes are fully made, their shoemakers finish them with natural creams and waxes to nourish the leather and give it initial protection. You can prolong the life of your footwear and experience the sensual patination effect of well-loved well-worn natural leather by regularly, though sparingly, applying good leather moisturizing creams, reviver creams and/or waxes. If your EOS footwear gets wet, let the leather dry slowly in an ambient temperature. Brush once dry to remove dirt and dust, then apply leather cream or wax sparingly. They suggest you also apply a good waterproofing spray every few months.






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