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Electrolyte Cranberry Orange

How to drink - some like it hot

Add 1 teabag to 1 L boiling water, steep for 15 minutes & enjoy

How to drink - some like to play it cool

Add 1 teabag to 1 L of water, chill for 8 hours in the fridge.


Fancy Pants Infusion

Ditch the sweatpants for one night, this drink deserves it.  This exotic blue drink is a spicy mix of oranges, ginger & butterfly pea flowers with organic cane sugar.  It has a great kick with the ginger and orange flavour and is a head-turner with the na


Some Like It Hot Infusion

If a Moscow mule and a Dark and Stormy had a baby it would be this drink.  Were packing the heat in this drink with  lemons, chili peppers, ginger, rosemary & organic cane sugar.  

Suggested infusion; gin, whisky, bourbon or water