Linen Navy Lunch Poche

Linen/Cotton exterior fabric
Insulated Interior
Machine Washable on a Cold, Gently Cycle Only, No Dryers (Please ensure you read our care instructions prior to cleaning)
Removable insulated insert for easy daily cleaning
Dimensions: 9"L X 5"W X 8.5"H
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It's time to ditch the plastic shopping bags and elevate your lunch experience! A contemporary version of the large cooler bags, So Young Lunch Poches (French for "Pocket") were designed to complement foodie, fashion and wellness focused lifestyles. Purposeful features include a removable insert lining for easy cleaning, a messenger strap to double as a purse, and an inspirational name tag to remind you to live with intention.

Echoing the peaceful deep blues of the night sky, the Navy Lunch Poche calls on us to take time for reflection. Whether it's the quiet preparation of a delicious meal or simply taking the time to pause and enjoy the moment, the Navy Lunch Poche, outfitted in their signature linen blend, celebrates the depth and joy found in the restful moments we make for ourselves.

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